Howard Weamer

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About Howard Weamer

I came to Yosemite in 1971 to research a doctoral thesis on John Muir. Like so many others drawn to Yosemite and the Sierra, I have never left and have been fortunate in being able to make a living there and share what I see with others. Since 1974 I've been the winter caretaker of Ostrander Lake Ski Hut. In 1995 I published The Perfect Art: The Ostrander Hut and Ski Touring in Yosemite. In the off season, I live with my wife Lynn in Lafayette and sell my work almost entirely at art shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

I am as interested in being in the field as in creating images in a darkroom (while breathing noxious chemicals) — photography has its compensations. Some products of the darkroom have an existence of their own and speak to us in an indefinable, emotional language. The meditative pace forced on one by a large format camera, the focus demanded, the absorption in detail, the pursuit of a vision in spectacular and/or remote areas, an eye always active and curious; all unquestionably enrich life beyond photography. Perhaps the most important lesson is not to be ungrateful when nature refuses to mimic our aesthetic or conform to the technical limitations of our medium.

Winters of My Life from Jonathan Burhop on Vimeo.